Friday, August 26, 2011


Max has been asleep for three hours.


I've mopped the floors, finished editing a batch of photographs, surfed the internet, resized pictures for my website, packaged some lenses I am selling, and talked to Andrew for his entire lunch break (read: one hour). And now? I kinda want to wake him up. He is turning into such a smelly little stinkwad of a toddler- and I mean that in the most gushy mom way possible. Every single day, I think "How did this happen?" when I see him color, say "yes" in answer to my questions, (try to!) befriend other kids at the library, and use a spoon. What happened to my baby and where did this toddler come from?!

I think it's time we started thinking about a sibling cause I would love me some more baby snuggles.