Monday, August 29, 2011

Bikes! Heat! Six More Weeks of Summer!


I guess that, since school has started throughout the whole country, summer is over. But here in Arkansas?! I say summer is still going strong! The days of 111 degree heat may be behind us for this year, but you better bet that we're still living in the nineties (and by "nineties", I mean ninety degree weather. Not Saved by the Bell hairstyles and old Lisa Loeb albums. Actually, I still listen to Lisa Loeb but that's a topic for another blog post.). It's true! We live in the northern South nowadays, which means that we may pick up accents (which, in my case, would just be reverting to how I talked for the first ten years of my life) and it might snow a few days of the year. But our summers? They don't end in August! School may start and swimming pools may close, but we've still got two months left of short sleeves, shorts, and afternoon bike rides. It feels good to live in a southern state again. Yee-haw!