Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have always been a sucker for boys in glasses.

So, when Andrew Chandler whipped out his thick, black frames in 2009 (the year before everyone else started whipping out thick, black frames), I couldn't help but swoon a little. He was nice! He liked me! He was funny! And he had excellent taste in glasses?! I grinned ear to ear the first time I saw those black rims on his face and, by the time he put them away months later, I was really excited to just see his face again.

Which started one of our ongoing vanity questions.
Mr. C.: Glasses or No Glasses?


Well, I'm happy to announce that Maxwell solved this problem for us!


(New and Improved!) Half Frames
But wait! There's more! Introducing...


Dreamy, right? I am sure this trend is going to catch on.
As is the little fashion designer himself.


Oh, and right after these pictures were taken?
I turned around and found Maxwell eating a dead bug.


He just becomes more of a little boy every day.