Sunday, August 28, 2011

He and I


In the past thirty-six hours, I have spent more alone time with Andrew than I have in the past 425 days (that's fourteen months) and the whole time I have been thinking this:

I am so happy that this is the life I chose.
I am so, so happy that this is the life Andrew chose.

There are so many different paths one life can take. Paths that change because of education, religion, ambition, relationships, and drive. Paths that change because of one single flicker of a moment in time. At 24 years old, I could be thousands of variations of the person I am now. But! I chose to be who I am. Out of all of the career aspirations, educational goals, old boyfriends, relationships with religion, and opportunities in my life, I somehow wound up here. I chose Andrew. Andrew chose me. We chose to be young parents and we chose to pursue things we love, despite the hardships that come with chasing dreams. And honestly? I wouldn't change that for all the money or all the time in the world. I love carving out my life with such a wonderful person and I will always be grateful that we chose one another, even when our lives are so full to the brim that we barely have time to say "good morning!" and "good night!" admist all the chaos in our lives. I love my husband, and it's been lovely to set aside some much needed him-and-I time the past two days.

Now on to next week!