Monday, August 01, 2011

I Will Probably be Embarrassed by this Post in the Morning

My little munchkin will not stop growing.

max and me

He's a whoppin' thirteen months old and doesn't know how to quit moving!
He doesn't even know how to walk... he runs everywhere at full speed, falls down when full speed becomes too much to handle, and picks his little booty off the floor right after so he can start running again.

I could go (super!) cheesy and turn that into a life lesson, but I think I'll pass.

Today, he got into a fight with a pile of laundry and a chair (seriously). The chair won. Max got half a black eye (a black half eye?) and has looked ridiculously dashing today with his little shiner. I should have taken a close up picture but I didn't and it'll probably be gone tomorrow. Moral of the story: Maxwell is tough stuff.

And, because it's late and I'm waiting for Mr. C. to bring me Max's chocolate Teddy Grahams for a late-night editing snack, I am going to bare my soul and tell you this:

Tonight, I am sleeping in the dress I wore all day.
It's cotton and kinda short, so that counts as pajamas, right? Especially if I took my necklace off...

I'm sorry. That was a really lame joke.
Did I mention I am sick and haven't been out of my bed (except to bathe Maximus) since 3:30 this afternoon? And did I mention that I think my dad kinda looks like Harrison Ford and it creeps me out when people think Indiana Jones is hunkilicious? And did I mention that I really like adding -ilicious to the end of words? And did I mention that I don't wear pigtails- not even chic braided pigtails- because they make me feel like Pippy Longstocking? And did you know that I am the worst coaster user on earth because I hate when they stick to the bottom of my glass? And did you know that I, nerd of all nerdiness, count syllables in words all the time? And, maybe most importantly, did you know that I have fifteen thousand nicknames for both of my boys including Pterodactyl (Max) and Dreamy McDreamerson (Mr. C., obviously).

Well. If you're new here, you'll figure all that (and more!) out soon.
Happy (terribly late!) Monday, y'all!