Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Katie and Her Husband

On Monday, y'all get to see Katie's installment of Women Who Love.
But before that!
Here's a few shots we snapped at the end of her session with her ever-lovin' man.
(Seriously. They are one of the most crazy-in-love couples I have ever met.)

Katie and KyleKatie and Kyle
Katie and Kyle
Katie and Kyle
Katie and Kyle

I met Katie in a French class two years ago when I was pregnant with Maximillian and, since then, I have taken her pictures three times- once for a pageant (where one of my favorite photographs was taken), once for engagements, and now one for Women Who Love! And yes! She is as nice as she looks! I'll gush more about her on Monday, but know now that the session these photos are pulled from was honestly one of the most relaxing sessions I have ever held. And the results? They are fantastic!

(ps. Do you like the larger vertical pictures or the smaller ones side by side that I've done in the past? I am on the fence, but I like both of them better than the normal sized vertical pictures. Those make me cringe every time I post them so I am looking for a solution.)