Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Library Tuesdays

Lately, Tuesdays have become library days.
And oh, we love the library (and the library's parking garage!)

library window
Library window

Today, Max threw a fit in the middle of the U.S. History section.
He didn't want to learn about JFK!
He wanted puzzles! Board books! Tiny chairs he could sit in all by himself!


Lucky for him, all it took was an elevator ride downstairs and he got exactly what he wanted. And when we tried to put him back in his stroller? All heck broke loose and he almost ran away from us without being seen, even though we were both fawning over him trying to make him happy.

That boy. He's a speed demon. A speed demon with the an independence streak the size of Texas and a stubborn streak the size of the Mississippi. Wonder where he got that from?