Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Light Chaser.

I am bursting at the seams in excitement (!!!) to show the sessions these photographs came from.


Lately, I have been trying out all kinds of new lighting techniques. When I was a new photographer busying myself with portfolio building, difficult light situations made me so nervous that I thought I would faint. BUT! If you're a new photographer, here are my two cents: Light is your best friend. When I started taking on client work, I would always look for shadows and other cookie cutter light situations (like controlled sunbursts) because they made me feel safe. Which was good, for a short time. Being comfortable with my surroundings helped me learn how to interact with clients and how to make people feel comfortable, something that is so important in the photography business. It also helped me grow and refine my personal style without having to figure out everything at the same time. And once I stepped out and decided to conquer all kinds of light situations? The quality of my photographs soared. So don't be afraid! Don't rush it, but whenever you feel ready, go for the light! And go for the light as you (and only you!) see it!

It's official (and has been for a long time). I am a light chaser.