Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Lately, I have been enjoying the little moments and opportunities in my life. Things like...

Maxwell learning to talk dinosaur:

Waking up early enough to snuggle with Mr. C. for thirty minutes before the day starts:


Reading a good book:


Early morning breakfast with my little blondie:


Cinnamon rolls at the Farmers Market big enough to feed the entire family:


Flowers and the endless ways to photograph them:


Maxwell learning 500 ways to crawl (or slide!) off our bed:

Appreciating our nearly-done bright, happy apartment:

I Love Us

Being able to photograph my family members:

nathan and joy

And even just being able to watch these two play together:


Not that I'm obsessed with dying, but you only get so many moments. There's so much negativity in the world right now- it seems whenever I hear one of my friends say one good thing, four or five others lend them "advice" starting with the words "just wait until..." followed by something that will turn their experience sour or prove to them that they don't have it as bad as they will later on. We're all human and we're all individuals. We're allowed to have our moments, our emotions, and our own experiences. Some of us live quietly and some of us live loudly, but all of us live. And that's what I've been busy doing. I hope you have been, too!