Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Photo, Three Ways

Last week, I completely forgot about One Photo Three Ways.
Not like I'm-too-busy-or-lazy-to-remember but It's-Friday-and-I-just-realized-I-didn't-post-my series-two-days-ago. But this week? I'm ahead of the game because I'm actually writing this at 10:38 pm on Sunday night while curled up to Mr. C.'s sleeping body.

me three

Speaking of Mr. C., he took this week's installment during an overnight date made possible by Andrew's visiting parents and the fact that they watched Maxwell for an entire twenty hours. And yes! This picture is of me (obviously). I always edit every photograph Mr. C. takes since I'm the main photographer in our family, but isn't he getting good? If you book a session with me sometime in the near future, chances are Mr. C. will tag along as my assistant. And if you book a wedding? Mr. C. will definitely be tagging along, a second camera in hand and all my bags hanging off of his shoulders. He's really good at that kind of stuff and, as it turns out, is getting really good at snapping photographs of me where I actually look like myself! Here's a closer look:


Whew! That was a little awkward for me to plaster our blog with three huge photographs of myself, but it kinda felt nice, too! If you've been lurking around this little corner of the internet for at least a year, you already know that I had severe postpartum depression and basically hated everything about myself for an entire year. My face, my hair, my personality, the way I talked, how I decorated, how I wrote, what I wore, how my body revolted during pregnancy, my interests, even how I interacted with other people. Actually, if you've been around for a year, you probably don't know that because I never typed it out loud or said it to anyone besides my husband. Instead, I just said that I was too paranoid to go check the mail and implied that I held Max for nearly every single one of his naps for the first six months of his life (no, seriously. I did.). BUT! I'm not like that anymore. I've spent the better part of this summer getting to know myself again and I'm finally getting to the point where I can say I like myself again. And, to tell you the truth, it's not just a good feeling- it's a liberating feeling.