Saturday, August 06, 2011

Say Hello to Our Saturday (Hi!)

My husband just laughed at me when he looked over my shoulder and saw this post's title.
I'm keeping it.


This week has been the fastest week of my life. Not the month. Not the year. My LIFE. Mr. C. and I have been working our booties off (literally and figuratively) and Max? He's been a little snot-a-saurus the past few days. Which is really, really sad but also really funny because he falls over a lot while he's walking and then will find pillows in odd places and sprawl on top of them. He is crazy. We adore him.

Since we have moved to Arkansas, my husband has been sporting a beard... until Thursday, when he shaved it off. I kinda miss it and feel like I'm married to a stranger- a cute stranger, but a stranger nonetheless. I have no idea why I am telling you this. Maybe because I am avoiding doing the dishes?

P.S. I joined pinterest this week. I dig it.