Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Present!

Earlier today, I drafted (and accidently posted and then consequently deleted) a post where I talked about the war waging in our family. A few weeks ago, we decided we needed a puppy. I was happy with any puppy that fit in our apartment. Mr. C. wanted an English Bulldog, something he's been asking me for since we were engaged. I would love to have an English Bulldog. But! They cost wayyyyyy too much. And yes, I just added way to many "y's" to "way" because they are ridiculously expensive.

And so! A war began!

An English Bulldog was the dream, but I started researching all kinds of dogs. I grew up with Beagles but, since we live in apartment, that was out of the question. Then I found a Teacup Beagle that stole my heart and wrapped it around her little paws. But! She cost $1200 (!!!) so that was out of the question, too. Then I found another dog. And another dog. And another dog. But none of them fit. And then! Finally! I researched a dog I had always turned my nose up at before.

I started researching Shih Tzus.

Much to my surprise, they seemed like the perfect fit. They love kids. They're happy in apartments. They like to go on walks and play but they can also chill. They're horribly cute puppies.

And then! After I spent hours drafting reasons why we should buy a Shih Tzu and linking puppy listings, Mr. C. sent me this text:

"I don't care much for their faces."

Ouch. My puppy dreams were shattered. I hadn't told him, but I had a particular puppy that I was dying over. One that I'd sent him the link to and huffed and puffed about how he was a little more than the other puppies and a little farther away but that he was beautiful and that I loved him. I tried to be sneaky and I was, but Mr. C. didn't open any of my links and because he didn't, he didn't see this:

Our Pup!

Ah! The cuteness!

He came home from work and I tried to win him over. I showed him adult Shih Tzus and he tried to hide his scowls. I showed him Bischon Frises because they were my second pick. He balked because they're the ultimate girl dog and he wanted the ultimate man dog. And then I started pulling up the links he hadn't looked at. I started slow and showed him the cheapest dogs that were the closest to home but weren't the cutest. And then I showed him my favorite. And then I looked a little closer at the description and realized that my favorite puppy wasn't just a Shih Tzu- he was a Shichon! A Shih Tzu and a Bischon Frise in one!

You better believe that, less than an hour later, we'd called the breeder, set up a pickup time (two weeks from yesterday!), and figured out the payment plan (half now, half at pickup). We are in love. At least, I am in love and Andrew's in love with me so it works.

Moral of the story: If you've been puppy shopping with your wife for a few weeks, don't give her a birthday voucher that's signed and dated by you and your son saying that you will buy her a puppy in the near future.... because basically that means you will be puppy parents twenty-four hours later.

Now! For a name! I like Rhett Butler and Andrew likes Wade Wilson.
Yes. I want to name my puppy after the leading man in Gone With the Wind. And Andrew? He wants to name our puppy after a comic book character who rivals Wolverine in awesomeness. We'll probably go with Wade... but maybe we'll go with Rhett.


P.S. Andrew is currently accepting donations to the Manly Dog Fund.