Friday, September 30, 2011

Mostly About Napoleon

Want to see some photographs of Maxwell?
Or, if you're a puppy lover, want to see some photos of Napoleon Bonaparte Chandler?
Or, if you're a nature lover, want to see a sunburst?
Well! You've come to the right place!


Cute, eh?

So cute that my toes are bleeding from little bites and that the carpet will never be the same- something Max helped with yesterday after he had a few too many juice boxes. But! Napoleon is a seriously cute, seriously happy little puppy and we are so glad he's joined our fam. He weighs two pounds and I can pick him up with one hand and, when he gets tired on our walks, he fits in the back of the stroller.

Speaking of, Max hates Napoleon.
You read that right. Max hates Napoleon.

As my sister would say, Napoleon steals his shine! Max wants to come play by my feet while I'm working? The dog is already there. Max doesn't want to take a nap but is put in his crib anyway? The dog looks at him tauntingly from the floor. Max wants to run laps around the apartment? Napoleon's already ran fifteen. Max decides Napoleon's alright and tries to play with him? Napoleon scratches him on the face, right in front of Mr. C.

Suffice it to say... there has been a lot of screaming going on in the Chandler household. Also, everyone is really, really tired. As in, it's 11:49 am and Max is asleep in his bed, Napoleon is asleep in his crate, and I'm laying in my bed even though I should probably tidy up from the mayhem that was our morning.

In other news, I changed my blog layout for the third time this month. But! This time, it's here to stay because I overhauled everything to fit in with my website's splash page. I also left BlogHer because the rollover ads were killing me and one afternoon, I came to our blog and there was a pop up! A pop up right before my very eyes on my own personal blog! A pop up that I had opted out of! I am actually really excited about this cause now my blog is completely mine again and I can say pretentious things about being ad free.

It's a win-win, no?