Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Photo, Three Ways

Sometimes, the simplest photographs are my favorite.


When Andrew and I sent our wedding announcements out, we included a foot picture we'd taken during a Sunday afternoon scooter ride. I put the camera on the sidewalk away from us, went up on my tiptoes and, just like that, a photograph I'd been wanting to take for well over a year came to be. I was so crazy about him my head spun hourly and my cheeks always hurt from smiling. I remember being shocked and awed that I was falling for someone that I'd known of for months. Someone who'd been right around the corner, but I'd never really noticed before. It was so exciting!

I should be used to the intensity of my feelings for my husband but, instead, they still leave me smiling and while the butterflies I feel around him now are different than they used to be, I'm so happy we'll always have photographs from all of the different phases in our lives. The other day, while I was toting around my huge camera, I made some kind of snarky comment and Andrew said, "I knew what I signed up for." To which I said, "Huh?" and then he went on to say that, well before marrying me, he knew he was signing up for a life full of photographs, so he may as well get used to smiling.

And it's cheesy and ridiculous, but I love him for that.