Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have been working like a madwoman for the past year without any breaks that lasted more than a quick nap.


Since July 2010, I've given birth to a whoppin' baby boy, nursed that whoppin' boy on an hourly basis for eleven months, written my capstone paper, had severe postpartum depression, driven across the country three times- once back and forth, once to move, twice through a blizzard and once with a horrifying near-death experience in a snowy canyon, rebuilt my lost portfolio, written four hundred and ninety one (!!!) blog posts (four hundred and ninety two, counting this one), graduated college with a good-enough-to-get-into-grad-school GPA, decided to move to Arkansas in May, stayed with my parents for a few weeks so I could easily travel back and forth to Arkansas to get things in order, flew back to Utah, packed up our first home in nine days, became an Arkansas resident, filled out paperwork to become a full fledged local businesswoman once we unpacked our boxes, drafted dozens of questionnaires and legal documents, worked on a really cool and time consuming series, wrote plenty of short stories, loved on my husband and our babe, read exactly 100 books, made an empty apartment a home, cooked dinner nearly every day, filled out more paperwork, became a grad school widow, and took tens of thousands of photographs.

Did I mention I spend every day chasing after this baby?
The cute one who spent his morning playing in my paint box, surfing his rocking chair, throwing his oatmeal into the pantry (seriously), and rolling around in our future puppy's bed?

baby boy

Honestly, I have not had a single day since Max's birth that didn't have a "to-do" list at least seven items deep.

And so! This week, I am going on vacation with my family and I am not going to plan anything. Instead, I am going to sit on the beach and take long walks with my husband and our baby. We are going to hang out with nearly all of my family (everyone save Josh, Ana and Wyatt) and a good chunk of my extended family. I'm going to show Andrew a civil war fort and the city I spent my early childhood in and we are going to have an absolutely wonderful time, sans computers and phone calls.

And afterwards? I am picking up a black and white puppy named Napoleon.
I am really excited. Actually, all of us are really excited. Max just doesn't know it yet.

till next week!

See y'all when we get back!