Monday, October 31, 2011

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Ah! Like all of our weekends, this weekend was insane.

Seriously. How we've suddenly gone from undergrads to a married couple with a toddler, a business, a graduate degree in the making and more than full time work weeks, I'll never know. Sometimes this stage of life is the complete pits and I'll find myself crying on the phone to my mom like a thirteen year old or I'll hear myself asking Andrew to hold me for just thirty more seconds forty times in a row but, a lot of the time, it's fantastic.

And this weekend?!
This weekend Mr. C. and I took a trip to St. Louis. I had an engagement shoot and, after staying with my parents for a night (two nights for me, one for Mr. C.), we loaded up the car bright and early and set on our merry way. We spent our honeymoon in St. Louis so it was pretty funny to drive the roads we'd driven right after we hitched ourselves together for the long haul. We had so many dreams then. We have so many dreams now. And while we were there? We did a little bit of this on Saturday:


Basically, it was a win. My shoot on Saturday ended up producing some of my favorite images I have ever taken and, to add a sparkly gold crown to the top, I finally, finally found an amazing willow tree to step inside of and make some photographic magic (you can see a little of what I'm alluding to here.). And then? To make things better?! We got to see Kelly Dalton, one of the most genuine girls I've ever known. I love her! Wish we lived closer, but isn't that always the story? We were inseparable our freshman year of college and she is such a gem.

Then, like old fogies, Andrew and I went back to our hotel, collapsed on the massive bed, ordered bad Italian room service, tipped the deliverer wayyyy too much, and promptly fell asleep fifteen minutes after eating. It. Was. Nice.