Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Things I Love About Fall: Alycia!

Hey everyone! My name is Alycia and I blog over at the Crowley Party.
My blog started off as a place to document the life of me and the hubberz,
& since then has grown into a creative outlet where I can share the things I love :)
food, fashion, crafts & anything else life has to offer me!

(see this pic? yeah Lissa took them. because she is amazing, seriously see for yourself!)

I am excited to be over here guest posting for Lissa, because Lissa is great. I can actually say this because I have met her in REAL life! hehe Her family is adorable.

So what do I love about fall. Well coming from a San Diego girl, I am happy to even be experiencing fall! Now that I am in Utah, I love being able to SEE the seasons. So here we go on why I love fall.

Fall has the best weather, cool enough for cute fun layers of clothing, but not too cold you're freezing!
Seeing the leaves change to golds and reds is simply breathtaking!

Fashion! Who doesn't love all the amazing coats and layering of beautiful clothes you get to play with in fall?! Gloves, hats, scarfs, boots, coats, sweaters... the list could go on and on. Fall is THE BEST fashion month :) In my opinion! Plus with the start of school... you can't help but go the "chic smart girl route!"

FOOD! What is it about fall that calls to soups and hot coco?! Anything made with pumpkin in it?! YUM YUM YUM.

FOOTBALL :) Yeah, I am lame haha. But come on, we all love the rush of a good game right?!


Cuddling in blankets, and bonfires with friends :)

Thanks for letting me stop by and share some of my favorite things of fall :)!