Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Things I Love About Fall: Helen!

Hey everyone! This is Helen from Bettencourt Chase: things we make, bake and photograph and Bettencourt Chase Photography. I'd like to thank Lissa for the chance to be a guest poster on her excellent blog!

Fall is pretty much my favorite season, so it's hard to narrow down what I love about it to just five things, but here's my best shot:

1. The smell of fall. This is one of those things that is a little hard to pin down, but I know it when I smell it. I think it smells like leaves, and cedar, and damp earth. I love when the air starts to get a little chilly, and everything just smells crisp and full of autumn.

2. Tea. I drink tea all year round, but I drink it even more in the fall. Also hot cocoa and apple cider. Mm. It's just perfect to drink with a warm breakfast or a snack (preferably of something like pumpkin bread, which is another fall favorite.)

3. The clothes. Summer is all well and good, but I love pretty coats and scarves, so I'm always happy when fall rolls around and I can pull some of them out of the closet. Also plaid, which isn't JUST a fall/winter thing, but for some reason always reminds me of it.

4. Fall weddings. Weddings are gorgeous any time of year, but I love seeing how things change as the weather turns: different flowers, different decorations. We spend a lot of time at weddings, and the details are one of our favorite things to capture.

5. The scenery. I just love when the leaves start to change color, haybales start popping up out in the fields, the grass starts to go all golden and pumpkins adorn front steps. I get excited the first time I see pumpkins at the supermarket (and yes, I usually buy one the first day!) because it signals that fall has arrived!