Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Things I Love About Fall: Joy!

hello there, lissa's blog.

it's me, joy.

i have been asked by the fab mrs. c to compile a list of my five favorite things of fall.

{try saying that 5 times fast!}

anyways-- i didn't have any trouble coming up with the top 5, but i am having trouble limiting it to 5. i love fall. i love burnt orange. i love leaves and halloween candy and the crispness in the air. i love scarfs and mittens. it's too much. it just feels like a fabulous time to be alive.

and so, without any more delay, here is my five favorite things of fall:

number one:

my birthday.

i am a lover of all things birthday. being the 4th child in a big old group of 6 kids, i found out very quickly that survival insists upon being heard. i am a very vocal member of my fam and have carried that tradition to my own homestead. instead of just a "birthday", i have a "birthday week". think about it. it's genius. i don't have to cram everything i want to do in just one day. you can spread it out and truly enjoy all of the activities. and, don't think i'm a stingy old bitty, either. yes- everyone in my fam has a birthday week. i think i've started a new kind of holiday here. feel free to join us. the facebook page will be started shortly.

number two:

my favorite shows come back.

"wait for it!"
"standing in lines are what people do."
"did you hear about pluto? that's messed up."

if these quotes mean nothing to you, i implore you to go to your netflix account and start watching psych. they didn't have me at episode one. but by episode five, i was hooked. i have seen every single episode of pysch that has ever been released. boo yah! i also enjoy the antics on castle, project runway, the rachel zoe project, the real housewives of new jersey, and of course, modern family. don't be jelly of my dvr. it's a fun place to be.

number three:

it's soup time!

can you believe that you can cook delicious and nutritious soup in your crock pot by dumping some cans into it in the am, and leaving it there? i know! if you would like a wonderful recipe, check here. and there are tons on the web, my friend. embrace it and you too could be reading a book and claim that you made dinner.

number four:

have i mentioned sweaters?

they give the perfect amount of coziness and comfort and you still look pretty dang good. i am in love with some of this season's looks.

can i get a huzzah for the gap?

or, if you are anthropologie addict, here's a fun and festive way to stay warm.

{although, i personally would have to sell a kidney to buy this $488 sweater.}

number five:

the fall of 1999 was a tender time. it was a time of innocence. it was the time i started to date my very own hubs. the autumn brings back memories, my friend. our first date {november 23, 1999}, the time i fell down the hubs' basement stairs and tore all my ligaments in my ankle and had to have jeremy and tony carry me into my house and lie at the hospital and said i tripped at home so my insurance company wouldn't sue the soon-to-be-in-laws. the time i bought "football for dummies" because i had no clue what i was watching every. single. saturday. afternoon. the time i ate the hubs' valentine's day present because he didn't give me my present on the actual day and i was 100% convinced he just didn't buy me one and then when i did get a present a day or two later, i had to admit to the fact that i ate his gift.

oh-- to be young and in love.

and finally-- number six:

{yes- i couldn't stop myself. this thing called love cannot be denied.}

an ode to the pumpkin pie blizzard.

the chunks of pie,
in the frozen custard.
don't make me lie!
make mine a large.
i love the crust.
it is a must.
i try every year to stay away.
but i'm afraid, i'm an addict.

{i know that last bit didn't rhyme, but it's the truth.}

i hope you have enjoyed this journey of the five {actually six} favorite things of fall.

huzzah for fall!