Monday, October 24, 2011

Five Things I Love About Fall: Rachel!

Hi! I'm Rachel. I blog over at the Albuquerque Turkeys where I usually blab on an on about my adorable daughter, my adventures as a student-mom, and my love of sewing (sometimes all at the same time).

When Lissa asked me to guest-post for her this week, I just about did a dance for joy. Someone actually likes me enough to write on their blog? Wow. I felt totally cool--it was almost like being asked to sit with the popular girls at lunch in high school.

So I guess the theme for today is "My favorite things about Fall." Man oh man, I had the hardest time picking exactly what my favorite things are--Fall happens to be one of my FAVORITE times of year (after the November through January part of the year. Those are the best 3 months ever). After a few days of agonizing over my choices, I finally pared it down to 5. Ready?

1). The weather!!! I live in the desert, so it is HOT for a
large portion of the year. I love the cooler weather (and the rain)
that Fall brings.

2). Sewing. I love to sew. I usually sew one to two things a week, although there are a few weeks when I don't sew anything at all. Usually around this time of year, I start making Halloween costumes, holiday dresses, clothes for my kiddo, and (sometimes) gifts for Christmas. Usually my cat gets in the way.

3). In my opinion, Fall and Winter are the best seasons for fashion. I love the shoes, and I love layers!

4). I finally get to pull all my candles out to burn again! I love candles in the Fall and Winter. They just make everything feel so cozy and happy!

5. Balloons! October brings the Balloon Fiesta, which is one of my all-time favorite events where I live. I've gone almost every year since I lived here. The Balloon Fiesta brings all kinds of interesting people, balloons, and there's nothing quite like seeing all the balloons in the sky first thing in the morning during Mass Ascension. It is something that cameras can never truly capture--you just have to see it for yourself!!

Anyway, thanks for letting me come say "hi" and share my favorites with you today. You made my day, Lissa!