Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Love.

I have been so happy lately.

I'm super sleep deprived, have gained six "happy pounds" the past month (woops!), constantly have the feeling that yesterday is three days from now and, for some reason, I've been overflowing with so much happiness that I can't help but smile for most of my waking hours. I can't really explain it (and no, I'm not pregnant).

Basically, I feel like this all the time:

Me and Mr. C.

Giddy. Excited. In love with my husband. In love with our baby. In love with our puppy. In love with my photographs. In love with words and completely smitten with the fact that I get to wake up to Mr. C. every morning, even after nights where he goes to bed three hours before me and I'm a little bit of a cranky sassafrass. I am just completely in love with our lives right now and I am so excited to see what the future holds for us and I love that feeling.