Saturday, October 08, 2011

Lissa Clair Photos: Kyle and Rachel

On Monday, y'all get to meet Rachel through her Women Who Love post.
But! Her fiance, Kyle, came along for a few photographs during her session and they are so happily cute that I had to share a couple that won't be included in her questionnaire.

Rachel and Kyle
Rachel and Kyle

Seriously. There is so much happiness in these photographs and I love it!

I went to high school with Rachel and we worked together at the library for at least two years and a whole bunch of double shifts. I've known Kyle since I was eight years old, when we rode the same bus and shared the same elementary school classroom. But! Before the other week, I hadn't seen either of these two since 2005, long before they were in love. After our shoot, Rachel and Kyle told Andrew and I about how they ended up dating and engaged. That's not my story to tell (obviously), but I will say that their story is absolutely adorable and Andrew and I smiled the rest of the night thinking of how Kyle knew Rachel was the one before she even admitted to liking him.

I am a total love sap, but I love that everyone's love story is different and that there's someone out there for everyone. It's romantic but, more than that, it's happy- and I sure do love happy things!