Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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Today, my (formerly) sweet little cotton haired puppy chewed a hole in my carpet. A hole! A hole the size of three quarters! I didn't even know that carpet could be pulled out of its casing! And now?! There's a bare bald spot next to the kitchen in carpet I don't even own.

He is on my list.
So much so that Andrew got mad at me when he overheard me telling him that I was going to give him away to somewhere where the sun don't shine. A little harsh? Probably. But I was ticked, especially since I'd just seen that he'd pulled the (clean) laundry out of the hamper and peed on it.

Anyway! In other news!
I spent my entire day (save a Taco Tuesday run) working. Want to see some of my beginning portrait work? Beware! It's really good.


I thought about these photographs today for a long time. Goodness, my work has evolved in the past six (seven?) years. I know it's silly, but sometimes I get really bogged down with photography. Like, I wish I had all the equipment I wanted or I wish I had a larger client base, but more than that, sometimes I just get really bogged down that I have to work. Raising a little a lad is a full time, always-over-time job and, my soul, working another full time, always-over-time job (say hello to owning a small business!) can be a little hard on me. Don't get me wrong. I'm overjoyed (and surprised!) every time someone books with me because photography is my dream but, honestly, being a mom was always my first dream and, some days, it's hard to have complete chaos all day long and then feel like I haven't accomplished anything mom wise, house wise, or work wise. Hopefully it will get easier once I get established here. After all, I had my first Arkansas client in August, I didn't make any money (besides deposits) in September and now? I have seven sessions (including a wedding) in the next six days.

Which, to me, means there's nowhere to go but up!