Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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I used to have this dream that I would write little love stories and publish them as Young Adult novels that teenage girls would swoon over and cry over and wish that they could find a boy as lovely as the boys I dreamed up in my head (vampires not included).

Not that I've completely given up that dream.
I think Stephanie Perkins beat me to it.


I read her first novel over Christmas and I fell in love. I fell in love hard. I loved the conversations, the excitement, the writing style, the characters, and how it felt like the author had written down everything I ever felt about any of my budding relationships (good and bad) and had somehow written everything down on commercialized pages bound in a purple hardback cover. Honestly, reading her first book was a little bit of magic.

Today, Andrew surprised me with her new book. I started reading it at nine and kept on reading until I was done... and now I'm typing up a little blog post about it because, even though I didn't like the main character in this book as much as I did in the last and I wished her love interest wasn't quite so sappy, it was still a little slice of chick lit magic. Not the kind of chick lit that you want to hide under your pillow and pretend you never saw it, but the kind that makes you want to whoop and holler and cheer and kiss your husband because the way the author describes the electric charge between two people is awesome. And it should be because, when you've found your special person, everything is charged with chaos, love, and a feeling that everything should have always been the way things are now because, somehow, without even meaning to, that person makes your world go round... and you make their world go round, too.

At least, that is what it was like for me.
So! If you have ten dollars to spare, buy one of these books.
They're totally worth it.