Tuesday, November 08, 2011

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: 863 :
Most of my weekend looked like this:


: 864 :
See?! Here we are again, waiting for wedding portraits to begin.


: 865 :
But then on Sunday, things got really crazy when Cole had to go out to the hallway three times and, in the end, he and Maxwell just played outside in the foyer and Andrew and I tried our best to keep them from jumping up and down on the couches. But you can only stop chaos for so long, no?

865 865 865

: 866 :
And, I guess yesterday wasn't the weekend but my photoshoot got rained out and it was the first break I had in a long time, so it kinda felt like it. Which is why I'm including these pictures. We found a bakery where you can have a sandwich, a drink, chips, and cheesecake (!!!) for less than seven bucks a pop. That's a win, no?

865 865 865

Also, later, during dinner, we felt the aftershock of an earthquake but no big, right?
Especially not for Maxwell, who kept throwing spaghetti down to Napoleon the whole time our little apartment shook.