Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Max LOVES Nana's.

Y'know how, when you were a little kid and you'd go stay at your grandparents house and it was, like, the most exciting time of your life? You could drink chocolate milk and get new toys whenever anyone ran to the store and watch movies and scream (with delight) as loud as you wanted and got snuggled whenever you wanted and took bubble baths and could even eat popcorn out of wooden bowls and sleep in a room that wasn't your own?

Well. Our little man is experiencing a week at Nana's house (sans me) for the first time in his life.
When we drove back to Fayetteville on Monday night, I bawled. Thick, ugly, hot tears poured down my face for thirty minutes as I tried to subtly convince Mr. C. that we should turn around to pick our babe back up. Max is my little shadow and, before yesterday, I'd never had an entire day where I didn't see him. I have a lot of work to finish the next week (read: two photo shoots, eleven sessions to edit, and two weddings to edit) and Mr. C. started a new job this week in the midst of writing his final papers, so I know that if Max came home with us, he would be bored and grumpy cause I'd be frantic and grumpy.

But! I expected him to be a little sad to find himself sans parents at my parents' house.

max max max

Not so much. He is having the time of his life.
Yesterday, my mom brought him to the basement and he ran full force into the room we'd been staying in, laughing and giggling with glee because he thought he was about to join us. And then! He found out we weren't there, turned around, and ran back full force to my mom, laughing and giggling with glee because he was about to join her (and a Lego table, too).

It's good to be a sixteen month old, even when your mama misses you so much that your nana has to put a limit on how many times she can call the house a day (which is twice by the way- once in the morning and once at night).

And now! I must be back to editing!