Sunday, November 20, 2011


It is pouring outside, but I don't mind.

I am a big fan of rain and, when Max woke up ten minutes ago for a quick good night snuggle, a chocolate chip cookie, a toothbrush party, and a diaper change, Mr. C. and I took him out onto the porch and I stretched my hand out to show him how to catch rain. Then, when I brought my hand back in to show him the rain, he looked at me with big baby eyes trimmed with thick little lashes and then... he licked my hand. Totally normal, right?

church church
church church

He is growing like a weed and we love it. This fall, our lives have been a ground breaking tornado of meetings, classes, work, photoshoots, and traveling (for photoshoots). And my little man? The one who used to cry unless I was holding him and who snuggled up to me instinctively right after his birth and had the softest, sweetest smelling, pink skin this earth has ever seen? He is making me so happy lately that it takes all my self control to not burst my buttons with pride every time he runs to give me hugs and kisses, babbles his baby talk, and squeals with delight whenever he sees me or Andrew unexpectedly.

I love being a mom. I love watching my little boy grow and love and say new words. I love listening to him repeat everything I say and I love when he grabs all the shoes out of my shoe box and screams "shoes!" while trying to put them on his feet. I love how sweet his baby hair is and I love how the little fat rolls he used to have are now stretched tight over his always-hungry tummy and I love that, today, when he went with me to Primary, he ended up walking around the halls holding hands with two little four year old girls and that, as he walked hand in hand with them, he babbled so intently with such a toothy smile that it made me want to scoop him up, burrow my head into his tiny little neck and say "I love you!" over and over again. I love that feeling- that feeling that I love my little bear a little more every day even though, yesterday, I sung all kinds of praises about how smart he is, how stubborn he is, and how cute it is when he talks on the phone and how it's also super cute when he points at pictures of Jesus and says "Je-us!" and how it's devastatingly cute when he wakes up and gives us big, gleeful grins basically saying, "Hello! I wondered where you've been!"

It's such a cheeseball thing to say, but I don't know how we ever lived without him.