Friday, December 30, 2011

Sick Baby.

Today, my baby is sick.


Not the kind of sick where, as a mom, you wipe little noses and kiss wet eyes and change runny diapers and sing sweet lullabies until your babe falls asleep in your arms and then lay him gently in his crib. You know the kind- the snuggly and loving kind of sick. He's not that kind of sick. Today, he's the kind of sick that lands you in the Emergency Room as you watch half a dozen strangers hook up IVs and oxygen masks and X-ray equipment to your little babe as you stare a little dumbfoundedly because, as parents, you both thought all he had was a congested chest.

What I mean is that our little Maximillian has a dirty batch of pneumonia raging through his sweet little body right now that's landed him in the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. We love our little babe and can't wait until he's full force again, rolling around the carpet with toy trucks screaming "Vrrrrrooo!" in the process.

Then again, he did get to ride in an ambulance last night so maybe he orchestrated all of this so he could say "Vrrrrooo!" inside of one of his real-life toy vehicles.

*** Update: We got sent home almost exactly 24 hours after walking into the ER. Hooray!! ***