Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Thing Is.

The thing is that I'm not quite so sure I want to keep blogging anymore.


I don't ever want this blog to be insincere or pure fluff or like dozens of other blogs. I don't blog to count followers or page views or comments. I don't blog for validation or as a way to feel awesome about myself (same thing, right?). I blog because I love to write and share photographs so, until I feel like blogging hasn't turned into some weird warp of self satisfaction, I might be stepping back cause I'm thinking I need a bit of a breather.

Or, y'know, I may be on here tomorrow, posting the pictures of me and Mr. C. from last week. The ones where we're holding hands over a tennis net, followed by the pictures of me dancing around the tennis court, followed by words about how even though sometimes my husband makes me want to cross my eyes and stick out my tongue, I love him more than the stay puft marshmallow man loves lumbering through Ghostbusters movies. You never know, right?