Friday, January 13, 2012


bridal fair
bridal fair bridal fair

For the past three days, Mr. C. keeps telling me that glitter is the herpes of crafting. And yes! I do believe he used the word "crafting" because when I start pulling out scrapbooking paper and glitter and glue, things get pretty serious. The floor gets covered in bits and pieces. There is always a movie or music playing. Babies run around in diapers. Fingers become stained. Chubby arms sport tribal tattoos. Puppies sit under tables begging for stamps. Maxwells takes longer naps than usual- though I'm not sure whether or not that has anything to do with crafting or the fact that the terrible twos are running rampant in our little apartment. This morning, I got kicked (hard!) in the kisser while changing a diaper. So hard my lip swelled for an hour. This was immediately after he had yanked my hair. Welcome to life with an 18 month old spitfire of a little boy.

Anyway! I am running booths in two bridal fairs in the upcoming week (one Sunday, one Saturday), so if you come to my home anytime in the next thirty six hours, expect paint, toys, paper, glue, and juice boxes to be all over the floor... and I haven't even gone to pick up the fake folding wall yet.

Wish us luck!
(And by "us" I actually mean us- Mr. C., Max, Napoleon, and me. Maybe my photo business too?)