Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Lunch Date.

This morning, around eleven, I started getting texts from my at-work husband. You know the kind. The kind that look like this: "I'm STARVING." and "What are you having for lunch?" and "How was the grocery store?" and, finally, after texts and texts of monumental buildup, the question comes straight out!

"Do you want to have lunch with me today?"

Luckily for Andrew, I answered with a "yessiree I do!" and, at one thirty on the dot, we were sitting in one of our favorite little downtown sandwich shops where everything is centered on grilled cheese (for me!), gourmet hot dogs (Mr. C.!), loud music (Max!) and soup (Max again!).

Andrew's lunch break at his current job is only thirty minutes, so we were a little rushed, but mostly we just sat laughing and talking, smothering our baby with more attention than any eighteen month old would ever need, all while making flirty eyes at one another. Then, when I was finishing my food and Andrew was singing praises to the food he had just finished, our waiter walked by, started laughing and said he was really impressed. When he said this, Max was slurping his soup loudly and laughing while clapping (all at once!), so I thought he was saying he was impressed with my baby which would have been kind of weird but, y'know, can you blame him?

Lunch Lunch

Anyway, three minutes later, he walked out with a gift card, slapped it down next to Mr. C. and said "This is from my boss. We didn't think anyone could eat that sandwich."

Lunch Lunch

Turns out my ever-lovin' hubs ordered a spicy sandwich complete with habeneros, jalepenos, and some kind of concoction called "Mean Mustard" that no one else before him had ever been able to handle. That man of mine. I always knew he was talented.