Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Newest Addition to Our Camera Bags


This one time, Mr. C. and I threw down on a new camera and, when we tested it, one of the dials wasn't working which was frustrating but then it worked like twice and so I took it to a photo shoot in the morning (Hi, Helen!) and it stopped working all over again. So I switched cameras, came home a few hours later, and tried again. And this time?! The dial worked! Not completely right but kinda right and then I saw that a weird icon was on that shouldn't have been on cause a flash wasn't attached and then thought "Hey! Maybe I should have checked the camera settings!". So then I did. I checked those camera settings so hard that I restored them to default.

And now the camera works like a gem.

And that is the story of the time I was ditzy and didn't realize that I should have cleared the camera settings for my brand spankin' new camera (I mean, rally, who would have thought?!), filled out a complaint form at B&H Photo requesting a return, and then fixed my electronic babe all on my lonesome.

I mean, that takes skill, right?

P.S. Laugh if you will, but I swear by battery packs.