Monday, January 02, 2012


Powell's Books

I'll be honest, I'm not even going to try and blog about all we've done the past few weeks. Our lives have been crazy! I have a few posts (or maybe just two?) planned out to post later this week, but just trust me when I say we have had a wonderful time lately. Anyway, since I'm not going to try and play catch up, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't write out my resolutions? So! Here I go!

Read all Newbery Award Winners
Last year, I wanted to read one hundred books. I did really well the first part of the year, but then we moved. Then I started a business. Then I barely slept at night and maybe read five books the last four months of the year. I've missed reading lately, though, so instead of putting a number on how many books I want to read, I'm focusing on a genre. I want Max to love stories and reading when he's older so this goal is really important to me. I want to have all kinds of books available for him to read. It'd be nice to own them all, but it would be even nicer to be able to talk to him about books when he reads them in nine years. So, this year, I'm tackling all eighty-nine books. Also, if any of you are interested in reading all the Newbery Winners along with me (and a few of my relatives), let me know! We've made a group on Goodreads and, even though it won't be structured, it's an easy place to go through and track your progress.

Create a 100 Person Portfolio
In 2011, I shot roughly eighty photography sessions. Most of these were at least an hour long and while I was lucky enough to be able to photograph some of my family members this past year, nearly everyone I met through photography were complete strangers I met the day of our shoot. Which made me think lately: How hard would it be to make a 100 Person Portfolio over the course of a year? This year, I'll be taking photographs of some of my closest friends and relatives, pulling head shots from some of my sessions, and interacting with strangers to put together a versatile portfolio of one hundred faces. Fun, right? I'm excited.

Dive In
To be honest, I'm not a huge resolution type of girl, so this year, I really just want to dive into everything I'm already doing. It can be extremely overwhelming to be a young mother, a young professional, and the wife to a grad student, but it's also such an amazing experience that will not last forever. I don't believe in extremely cheesy saying like "live with no regrets" or "live life to its fullest", but when I look back on these young years I'm sharing with Andrew and my sweet little babe, I want to smile, not grimace.

And that's all for me!