Monday, January 16, 2012

The Tale of a Budget Truck

It all started when we realized our little red civic wasn't going to hold two seven foot tall doors in its' back seat or trunk or in any combination of its backseat and trunk. Then things got a little more serious when we realized our little red, two door civic filled with books, leftover 64 ounce cups, a black car seat, and toddler distractions (read: toys, sippy cups, pretzels, popcorn, and blankets) wasn't going to hold a bookcase, two chairs, and two seven foot tall doors.

So! We decided to rent a Budget van.
You know the kind- the cargo van kind with windows in the front but a whole lot of white in the back. We were going to rent one of those. So rent one we did! We got that sucker online, loaded up a few days later, and drove the twenty miles it took to get to the lot it was housed in. Andrew walked inside, I called my mom from the parking lot, and Maxwell snoozed. Andrew came outside mumbling and grumbling, I didn't quite understand the truck rental lingo he was spewing, said "Meet you at Home Depot?" and drove five miles down the road.

Ten minutes later, I sat in the parking lot and started laughing when I saw my husband driving down the road in a sixteen foot Budget moving truck. The same size we took from Provo, Utah to Fayetteville, Arkansas seven months ago. The same size that housed all of our material possessions and the same size that was now going to house three small features of furniture and two bifold doors. This was funny, right? Then Andrew got out of the truck, slammed the door, and started saying words I hope his mother never heard him say before. We walked in the store, I said, "Why don't you just take it back and call someone else?" Andrew said "I'm taking it back!" and this picture was taken during the middle of it:

The Budget Tale

And that is the tale of how we rented a Budget van from the only place in a thirty mile radius that advertised a van only to get there and find out that they didn't have a van, pickup truck, ten foot truck, or twelve foot truck (does Budget even have ten foot trucks?), drove it five miles down the road, turned back around, dropped it off at the lot and got charged a whoppin' one hundred dollars and forty-seven cents.

The Budget Tale

Moral of the story: Budget's not so good for your budget.
(We used a UHaul instead.)