Monday, January 09, 2012


Lately, I have been feeling that kind of happy where, outwardly, you're tipping your head a little, smiling big, looking down or to the side, and pushing a strand of your hair behind your right ear. It's probably my favorite kind of happiness because it feels sly or like you have a wonderful secret you're keeping from everyone, even if you don't actually have a secret (nope, I'm not pregnant).


Today has been an extremely sad but also heartwarming day. There's just no other way to put it.

So, don't mind the gush that's about to spill, but I guess what I'm trying to say is just that I'm really, really happy that I have such a wonderful husband and toddler. The kind of husband who supports me in whatever it is I want to do. I love that. I love that he believes in me and that he loves me even when I'm annoying or when I waste time or when I'm a bit too sassy or when I spend two and a half hours in Hobby Lobby collecting goods for a Bridal Fair. I love that. And I love our little son. The one with the blonde hair who likes to table dance during family lunches and who screams "cookie!" whenever he gets the chance and snuggles up next to us when he's tired and only says "Ma!" when he wants something but rattles on about "Dad!" all day long.

family family family

They are my favorites.