Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Mostly Ate Good Food and Watched Movies on Andrew's Birthday. Well, After We Cleaned the Apartment.

For his birthday, I should have been an awesome wife and wrote a super gushy post outlining 50 reasons why I love Andrew (two for each of his twenty-five years!) but I didn't. Which means that, since his birthday has passed, I should be even more of an awesome wife and write a whole bunch of sap for y'all to enjoy, complete with twenty-five photographs of his twenty-fifth birthday but my fingers are too tired to do that.

Instead! Here's a short list of nicknames I've bestowed on Andrew in our three years together.

Mr. C.
Andrew C. (such a nickname, right?)
Dreamboat Lover

And, to be fair, here's some he's given me:

Little Rain Cloud

And, last but not least, one Andrew's given himself:

Fatty McLardbutt

And the rest of the thirty nicknames we have for each other have evaded me although, truthfully, Andrew calls me "Elisabeth" most of the time and I mainly call him "Andrew". Strange, right? Also, in all fairness, we call each other "Babe" a lot which is totally barf worthy but, I mean, whatev. Welcome to our lives.

Oh! And here are the photographs:


Oy. I'm tired. Hope you're having a happy Thursday!

P.S. Can we talk about how the vacuum in the last photograph has changed my life? Please? I love it!