Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Matilda Dinner Nights

Did any of y'all grow up reading Matilda?

You know, the one by Roald Dahl about a genius girl who had a really lame fam that always ate dinner while watching television? Well! Matilda was one of my favorite stores growing up and one of my favorite movies to boot. Then I married Mr. C. and found out that Roald Dahl was one of his favorite authors growing up (we may own nearly every book he ever published, even the super short ones) and then we had a baby and sometime after that, we began Matilda Dinner Nights.


We run to the store last minute (Matilda Dinner Nights are never planned), buy really unhealthy frozen dinners, drive home, pop in a movie, nuke our dinners in the microwave, and eat on the couch.

I highly recommend them.