Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Traditions

Last year, on Valentine's, Andrew and I decided that we wanted to make Valentine's a family holiday.

V-Day 2011
[Last year, on Valentine's.]

I mean, I'm not going to lie. Last night, Andrew played ever-lovin' husband to an art, complete with dinner and a box of chocolate and one hundred daisies (!!!) and a promise to go shopping and a whole set of bubble bath to boot (my man knows me). Just like I played ever-lovin' wife to a twenty-five year old electronics lover perfectly, meaning I bought him a video game he's wanted for two years rather than the You and Me puzzle piece pillow covers that I've wanted him to want for two years.

But! Regardless!

We decided to make Valentine's a family holiday one year ago and, two days ago, we decided that each Valentine's, we'd buy everyone in our family paperback books that cost less than ten dollars a pop.


These arrived a few minutes ago and, really, I just love the family traditions we are cookin' up together.