Saturday, February 18, 2012


If I were the practical type, I would definitely not be writing this post.

But! You see, I've never been much of a practical type and when something's really obvious, it's nice to just lay it out on the table. So! Here I am on a Saturday night, laying it on the table:

Week Seven: Wildcard

Meet my six-and-a-half-week baby bump. Yep! You read that correctly! Six and a half weeks. I'm thinking this baby is gonna be a big'un, just like his or her brother. Or, better yet, maybe there's two! Doubtful since no one in my family has ever had twins but y'know, you never know, right?

And yes! I realize that a million heartbreaking things could go wrong between right now and the acceptable time to announce a pregnancy (twelve weeks) and, you're right, I'm not even far enough along for my first doctor's appointment. But! With an obvious baby belly like this, there's not really much I can hide.

We are happy.

PS. Andrew just showed me these diagrams of baby sleeping positions and I about died. I love babies.