Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine of Perspective

I first saw Andrew when I was a silly, overly happy twenty-one year old with long hair and a deep tan.


At the time, I had a really crappy half-boyfriend, a bedroom wall covered in a seven foot peace sign made up of photographs, a lot of friends, a film SLR, a laptop covered in flecks of fallen nail polish, an extremely colorful closet, dozens of books and half written stories, a splotchy red streak in my hair, a lot of sad music, and over seventy-five pairs of shoes.

Now-a-days, I have a really awesome (and attractive!) husband, a living room wall covered in maps and chalkboard paint, a few friends, three DSLRS (and the film one, too), a desktop covered in toddler fingerprints, the messiest closet known to man (besides Andrew's), hundreds of books and half written stories, hair that is almost too long to be pretty, a lot of children's music, and I could probably only find three pairs of matching shoes if I went to look for them at this moment (boots included).

But! That's fine by me. The past few weeks we've had some curve balls thrown at us- some absolutely wonderful and some that, in the same breath, are just really hard to swallow. And I wish I could get on here today and post a cute-but-cliche post of me holding heart garland and gushing about the loves of my life, but instead, I'm going to tell you that right now, life is really hard for us. We have no idea what we're doing, we owe thousands of dollars for Max's trip to the hospital last month, I'm (still!) so sick I can barely stand straight, I'm behind on my work because I'm sick, I watched all of the Bachelor this weekend (ah! I hate it!), I spent the morning reading two blogs that I absolutely loathe, and all I really want to do is stay in pajamas, pour a huge glass of milk, and eat Reeses' hearts as my naked toddler runs around proudly displaying his handmade tattoos and my husband cooks fake Cafe Rio.

And, sometimes, that's what Valentine's is all about: taking a couch vacation when a couch vacation is needed.
(Be back tomorrow with some sap and maybe an announcement, too!)