Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Names. Baby Two.

This pregnancy, Andrew is pretty sure he doesn't want anyone to know the name of our babe until he or she is here. He also doesn't want anyone to know the gender of our babe after we find out in six weeks (wow!), but that one's going to be really hard for me to keep secret. Meaning, I probably won't even try because I am really bad at keeping secrets. They just come out! Especially when it concerns babies and Christmas, but babies especially.

Anyway, we started referring to Max as "Max" thirty seconds after his gender-revealing ultrasound, but I am kinda diggin' not referring to this baby as anything besides "the baby" and "little Baby C." right now. Which means I'm also kinda diggin' keeping the final name secret. We will see, though. Anyway, last week, I sat down on our little red couch, pulled out my phone, shredded several pieces of paper, chewed on my pen cap, and finally compiled our final baby name list... for our current fig-sized babe.

Lucky for me, Andrew's down with me sharing this preliminary list. Here are the results!

Boy Names:
Isaac Foster Chandler
Lincoln Joshua Chandler
William Rockwell Chandler (Rocky)
Noah Ambrose Chandler (Brody)
Samuel Clayton Chandler

Girl Names:
Isla Elaine Chandler
Callie Elisabeth Chandler
Madeline Claire Chandler
Gracelynn Elise Chandler
Violet Mae Chandler

We love them all! Honestly, talking about names around here has been the pits. With Maxwell, we'd been pushing around names since before we got married and I had always wanted a son named Maxwell. We actually didn't come up with Maxwell David until a week before we found out that Max was going to be a boy, but when we put it together, it just clicked perfectly. We'd been pretty set that we were going to name our first boy Forrest but that obviously didn't happen and, since Andrew's currently writing about the KKK and will probably publish material on his research, Forrest is off the table right now (Forrest was the last name of the man who started the organization). I am totally rambling, but with this babe, we pretty much started from scratch.

Now comes the hard part! Both of us would be so happy with any of these names that we're glad we have six more months to decide on what we'll use! Today, my favorite girl names are Callie and Isla, but I also love Violet, not to mention Madeline and Gracie. I mean, how cute would it be to have a Max and Maddie running around?! Boy wise, I love Link... and Ike... and Rocky, and oh! I would love a Sam. And Brody? Straight out of the movie my family was religiously raised on. I'd probably just call him Chief. (Andrew is a stick in the mud and says I can't tell his favorites.)

Ah! Maybe we will just have to have ten more children.

P.S. If you had a dog named Rocky or heard horrible rumors about an elementary school bully named Madeline or knew a nose-picker named Sam think or Link is too closely associated with a video game or that Violet is a pretentious name that should only be used for purple flowers, we really don't care, cause our baby will not be a dog or a video game character or a bully... though s/he will probably pick her nose on occasion, especially when s/he is little.

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