Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Eleven Things. Family Edition.

I'm not usually one to step up on blogging bandwagons, but I've seen the Eleven Things posts all over the place and I get kinda jealous every time someone writes one. So! Today, I thought it would be fun to do an Eleven Things for every single member of our little family. Hooray!


Eleven Things About Me:

1. I love cowboy boots. I currently own black and brown cowboy boots, red cowboy boots, and gray cowboy boots with turquoise flour de lis on the front and the top. They are beautiful. In the past, I have also worn out white cowboy boots and normal brown ones.

2. I am a huge fan of color. Both of our apartments have been explosions of colors and I love that. A lot of our decorations do not even slightly match, but it's been really fun to incorporate tons of color in rented spaces. Sometimes I wish I were one of those girls who felt butterflies when they saw white walls with white furniture (dreamy, right?), but I like loud, colorful patterns and things that go together because they don't actually go together.

3. I am a sap and have to stop myself from crying at weddings while I'm shooting. Heck, sometimes I have to stop myself from crying at engagements and family sessions, too. I just love life and that everyone has their own life (hopefully) filled with people they adore. I think it's beautiful.

4. I was obsessed with the band Something Corporate when I was a teenager. Then, when the lead singer started Jack's Mannequin, I became equally obsessed with them and went to far too many of their concerts... so much that it was embarrassing. Also, I think I saw Mae (remember them?) three times in like a six month period. I was a concert girl through and through my first few years of college.

5. I keep my email open for most of the day because, when Andrew is at work, we keep a chat box open. I realize this is ridiculous, but I just kinda like him and talking to him.

6. I let Maxwell get grubby and go naked. I mean, bath time ain't for nothing, right? I let him run barefoot and I let him play in dirt and I let him climb on things and I let him party as much as he wants. I give him (washable) paint and let him get the paint all over the table. I let him draw with chalk on the walls. I let him sit in the sink while I do my makeup. I let him pour water on his drawings (mixed media, right?). I let him carry around my film camera. I let him watch movies when I'm tired. I let him chase the dog. I let him read books to himself. I let him play in our room if he wants. I let him sit at the table without a booster seat. I let him walk on walks instead of ride in a stroller. I let him sit in the back of the cart if I don't really trust the front of the cart. But! I do enforce nap time every single day, I enforce hugs, I enforce prayers, and I also make him eat his fruits and vegetables, even if he only gets them through juice. So! That counts for something!

7. I have the guiltiest conscience of anyone that ever was. Like, if I said something rude or was intentionally mean or embarrassed someone or said something uncalled for or simply made a light mistake when I was six or seven or eight years old, I would still remember exactly what happened and still feel bad and/or awkward about it whenever it came to mind. This aspect of my personality drives Andrew crazy and he is always telling me to let it go. Which I try to, it's just hard for me. Same with grudges.

8. Two weeks ago, I read eight books in about thirty hours. Namely: Catherine Called Birdy, Number the Stars, The Bronze Bow, one of the Ruby Olivers, The Tale of Desperaux, The View from Saturday, and Divergent... followed up with some re-reading of the Hunger Games. Yes, I go book crazy while pregnant.

9. I do not think that I am pretty, but I really like my hair when it is long and I also like that I have small feet and small fingers.

10. I have never understood the Bachelor. Which is why, this season, I decided to participate. Sometimes pregnancy hormones make you do crazy things... like watch the Bachelor. And you guys! I don't get it! Ben is boring and not cute (the hair!) and kind of rude and not interested in anyone besides Courtney! How do the women have feelings for him? Do they have feelings for him? Do they cry at elimination because it's embarrassing? Maybe most importantly, do all three of them really sleep with him on the overnight dates?!?! And, also, why could all the women be so mean to Courtney at the Women Tell All this week? I mean, she was definitely a brat to all of them, but they were saying, on the show, before they saw her camera confessions, that they wanted to squish her like a black widow. Isn't that mean, too? Also, just saying, if I were single, I would never date a man who wrote a song about wet dreams, especially if he made a music video for said song. Just... gross, even though I think it was supposed to be funny.

11. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie... also peanut butter bars.


Eleven Things About Andrew:

1. Andrew is one of the most activist-minded people I have ever known. He is always talking politics, emailing politicians, signing petitions and signing pledges. (This is one he signed up for this morning.) Honestly, I won't be surprised if he ends up working in politics or human rights or a non-profit for most of his life. The man has a lot of opinions.

2. Andrew has a blue scooter named Prudence that he loves with all of his heart, scratches and all. When we were engaged, he came over to my apartment one night with dried blood all over his shirt and newly-formed scabs all over one of his arms. He acted like nothing was wrong and was completely oblivious when I asked him what happened. Turns out he had gotten in a scooter wreck five or six hours earlier but hadn't wanted to tell me because he didn't want me to ban him from the scooter. Which I didn't, but I started getting really annoying reminding him that he had to wear his helmet at all times. Andrew hates helmets.

3. Andrew loves babies. He LOVES babies. But not just human babies. He loves baby pandas and baby cheetahs and baby skunks and baby polar bears, too. Honestly, I receive at least three links a week linking to cute photographs of baby animals with Andrew gushing along about how, this time, he has discovered the cutest baby animal in existence (see: example). Because of this, it wasn't very hard to convince him to buy Napoleon and, now that Naples is full size, Andrew gets mad at him a lot quicker if he's trimmed with short hair and looks, y'know, like a dog. If he has his long curly dog-fro going and looks more like a puppy, Andrew thinks of him as a baby and is nicer to him. Ha!

4. Andrew is currently working on his Masters in History at the University of Arkansas. He's studying historical occurrences of intolerance and tolerance and, more specifically, writing his thesis on the Ku Klux Klan. Yep! That's the KKK and there are dozens of books about them all over our apartment right now.

5. Andrew is a music fiend. He mostly loves old music but loves some of the most obscure, unrelated current bands. He loves Rocky Votolato, Cee Lo Green, Motion City Soundtrack, Sigur Ros, and the Zac Brown Band. See? Those bands have nothing in common, but mostly he's been listening to The Beatles since he was fourteen. Speaking of, we own so many Beatles biographies it's ridiculous... and that's not counting all the magazines, figurines, movies, and coloring books (yes! coloring books!) we own that are Beatles-centric. He loves John Lennon.

6. Annnnd since I brought up music, Andrew played the piano, drums, and bass growing up, not to mention a whole bunch of percussion instruments I could never identify. He was in the drum line, a marching band, a jazz band, and two or three different garage bands in high school. He wanted to go into some kind of musical profession really badly growing up but wanted to go on a mission for our church more, so a mission it was! He likes to tell me, though, that if he hadn't gone on a mission and had tried out a music career instead, he would have found me anyways (meaning this: my husband believes in soulmates which works cause I'd say he's mine).

7. Since we're LDS and living in the South, many of our friends and family members are staunch conservatives, but Andrew is pretty liberal. Only he told me the other day that "liberal" is a negative term and he prefers to be coined a "progressive". So! Back to the fact that many of Andrew's friends and family members are extremely conservative. I'll often walk in on him typing up a storm on his iPad to respond to "inappropriate and discriminative Facebook statuses", only to watch him delete the comment ten minutes later because he has decided he doesn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers over Facebook.

8. Andrew kissed me for the first time either during or right after the movie Say Anything (I think right after?). During the movie, when Lloyd brushes the glass out of Diane's path, Andrew turned to me and said, "I would brush the glass away from you so you wouldn't have to walk around it." Anyway, ever since that movie viewing, whenever we walk past glass, Andrew stops, says, "Let me get that glass out of your way.", sweeps it away from my feet and then keeps walking.

9. Andrew is the best Daddy. Maxwell's whole body lights up when Andrew enters the room and, more often than not, when Andrew puts Max to bed at night, I end up going into the room thirty minutes later to wake Andrew up because he's fallen asleep putting Max to sleep. I love the way he plays with Max. It's just so sweet and genuine and there's so much love between them that it makes me and my pregnant belly teary-eyed just thinking about the two of them.

10. Andrew wants to live all over. He wants to keep living in the South. He'd like to live in the deeper South. He would like to move back to Colorado (where he grew up). He would like to move to Washington DC. He would love to move back to Texas (where he went on his mission). He would love to live abroad. And, most of all, he would love to move to Alaska.

11. Not that I'm creepily possessive, but Andrew is my man through and through. He's one of those partners who really and truly does whatever he thinks is best for you and supports you with everything he has. I'm not lying or exaggerating or bragging when I say that Andrew is the better half of the two of us. He is kinder than me, more thoughtful than I am, and he is just extremely supportive, even when we're flat broke and not having an easy go at things. Meaning this: I got lucky.


Eleven Things About Maxwell:

1. Maxwell LOVES the Lion King. He carries around a stuffed lion with him all the time and, when he's tired, comes up to me and screams "Kiiiiing! Kiiiiing! Kiiiiing!". I always swore my children wouldn't watch television much in their early days (if ever) but, being pregnant, I give in more often than not. Meaning that, as I'm typing this, Max is playing on the floor, staring at the flat screen with his mouth wide open.

2. Max's favorite place in the world is the library. Maybe library-lovin' is a hereditary quality? We usually go to the library at least once a week and Maxwell thinks he owns the place. He plays with the puzzles, runs around the books, and either squeals with glee or furrows his brow in concentration the whole time. It is absolutely adorable... until it's time to leave. Things turn ugly really fast when I start packing us up to check out the books and head out the door.

3. Maxwell is a Daddy's Boy through and through. This is a fairly recent conversion, but lately Max says "Where's Daddy?" and "I want Daddy!" and "Daaaaaddy?!?!" half the day. Yesterday, he carried around a photograph of Andrew all morning and even ate lunch with it sitting next to his plate. He LOVES his Daddy.

4. If given a choice, Maxwell would live outside. We keep the door to our porch open all day and, more often than not, it's easiest to find him on the porch painting with water or drawing with sidewalk chalk. When we spend afternoons at the park, he cries when we leave. When we play in the yard area outside our apartment building, he makes a beeline for the forest. When it rains, he stands and stares. Basically, he would love to be a wild child raised by wild animals.

5. Speaking of animals, Napoleon is both Maxwell's best friend and mortal enemy. They fight and play all day long. We never had indoor dogs growing up, so I've never seen anything quite like their relationship. If Max cries during his nap, Napoleon will sit outside Max's door until I either pick up Napoleon or pick up Max. They are both ridiculous.

6. When Max was born, his eyes were dark blue and his hair was light brown, blonde, and red. Now, his eyes are straight up blue and his hair is blonde, but a lot darker than the white-blonde his hair was for the first year of his life (after his initial hair fell out, of course). I'm excited to see what color his eyes and hair are ten years from now because part of me thinks they'll change dramatically and the other part of me things (and hopes) he'll be a blondie with blue eyes for his whole life.

7. Max loves to watch home videos of himself, particularly home video compilations that are set to music. He laughs the whole time he watches them and then will want to watch them over and over again.

8. Maxwell loves to help! This morning, I was cleaning out the trash can with Lysol (such a lovely task!) and he attached himself to my legs until I gave him a paper towel, fake sprayed cleaning solution into the trash can, and let him go to town scrubbing the inside of the trash can until he realized scrubbing a trash can was really boring and left me to play on the porch instead.

9. Max is currently going through a "I threw it on the ground!" phase. He throws everything on the ground (also off the balcony). Food! Toys! Blankets! Books! Pillows! Off Brand Rice Krispies he found in the closet! Frames! Clothes! Bath Toys! Everything he can reach! I don't even put our vacuum away anymore.

10. Maxwell loves sleep but, like his Mama, fights it like no other. He fights naps and fights bedtime, too. It's like he thinks he is missing out on a party even though all he's missing out on during nap time is being annoyed by me working or following me around while I clean. It's pretty funny, actually, because he sometimes gets so "How could you?!" when we scoop him up for bedtime or nap time, as if we have have just betrayed him and the entire universe to boot.

11. Not that I'm biased, but Maxwell is the happiest, sweetest, cutest, smelliest, and funniest little person who has ever lived.

P.S. This post took FOREVER.