Friday, March 23, 2012

Heart Rate

Little Baby C. has a heart rate of 172 and when I heard it this morning, I could not stop laughing.


I just love that little lamb and that s/he is more than happy to make his/her presence known. I'm lucky enough to feel my babies move really early and I have felt this baby at least once a day since I was about eight weeks along (such an awesome perk of a second pregnancy!). So, today, when the nurse tried to track Baby C. down with the doppler, I felt our little babe ball up on one side of my stomach and then I felt pretty giddy when a little heart started pounding as soon as the nurse reached that part of me.

I love feeling close like that, like I already know my baby and s/he knows me, too, even though I don't know when s/he'll be born or how much s/he'll weight or the basic personality s/he'll come with, except y'know, for the general feel I have about what s/he'll be like. I was dead on that Max was going to be a spunkilicious fireball of happiness and determination. This time, though, I get the feeling that we are in for a really sweet, really strong little soul. Regardless of personality, though, we're going to be good friends, this little child and I. Actually, all four (!!!) of us are going to be good friends. Can't wait for October!

And I think I'll buy a baby toy or pacifier or stack of onesies this weekend...