Thursday, March 22, 2012

Max. Like Usual.

We have been hanging out in our jammies all week, mostly due to sickness but also due to raininess.


In other, non-related, non-pajama, non-health, non-rain news, I would personally like to speak to the person who created the word "Mine!". The word "Mine!" has overtaken my life and I am ready to call Webster's and sue whoever created such a horrible world, especially because "Mine!" is usually related to something that is, actually, "Mom's!".

I'd also really like to place a call with Huggies because they're diapers are way too easy for chubby, twenty-month hands to remove. Max bares his booty at least twice a day and is also entering into a naked stage. Homeboy hates wearing clothes, but loves taking them off.


In cuter news, a few minutes ago, Max lifted up my shirt and said "Baby!". Then he said garbled sentences that strongly sounded like "E-u-a-oy?" and "E-u-a-gul?", meaning that my baby is a toddler genius (also that he IS listening when I ask him that question every other day).

Well. Except that, as soon as we finished talking, he lifted his own shirt, pointed to his belly and exclaimed, "BABY!"

Yeah... That's not gonna happen, bud.