Wednesday, April 04, 2012



You guys, my body is totally weird this pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight and I haven't lost any weight, but my body has been shifting up a storm. My legs are thinner, my booty has gone down to its pre-Maxwell size, my arms look more toothpickish than usual, and my face is back to the shape it had for the first 23 years of my life (pre-Max, obviously). My pregnancy with Max wrecked my body (worth it!) and, even when I lost all my baby weight with a little bit of spare change, my body still looked bigger than it did before Max. So I guess I'm just saying that, compared to last time, this pregnancy is pretty smooth sailing (tiredness withstanding).


Annnnd I tried to talk about how I finally saw The Hunger Games and tell y'all how I liked it even though I think the books stand for so much more than people give them credit for, but then my writing got all swirly and confusing cause I am wiped.

So! Until tomorrow!