Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Kind of Day.

Funny Face

Today is the kind of day where you sleep in till nine-thirty, avoid working from ten until one, say "hello!" to your husband when he comes home to study at 1:30, go swimming at two, sit down at the computer in a wet swimsuit at three, work like a speed demon until six (with, y'know, a break to look at maternity clothes), eat dinner at 7:45, look at your spouse and decide dinner is disgusting at 7:46, put the baby chock-full of mandarin oranges, granola bars, and pretzels down at 8:20, run around the apartment to find Big Bird at 8:22, and walk out of a screaming toddler's room to an empty apartment at 8:23 because your husband is driving across town to pick up takeout.

I like these kind of days.

P.S. I still haven't changed out of my swimsuit.