Saturday, April 21, 2012



Today, I loved my husband a little extra for the following nine reasons:

One: He played with our son when he woke up bright eyed at six in the morning.
Two: He listened to all of my Grandma's stories and was genuinely interested in what she had to say.
Three: He took me to Sonic's Happy Hour and bought me a watermelon slush.
Four: He didn't get mad at Max when he broke his only pair of glasses (Max destroyed the other last summer).
Five: He stood behind me on a rickety bridge during a photo shoot to make sure I wouldn't fall.
Six: He taught our baby to sniff loudly when asked "What does a hedgehog say?"
Seven: He looped my arm through his during a morning walk, even though he was pushing the stroller.
Eight: He took photos of my dad's high school pictures because they make both of us laugh.
Nine: He looked really, really dreamy, even though we both only slept five hours last night, two of which were spent with a nearly twenty-two month old in between us.