Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Today, we picked up new glasses.


Max calls glasses "eyes" and they drive him crazy. He wants to wear them, touch them, and see how far he can pull them apart any chance he gets, day or night. He is a glasses investigator/connoisseur! Which maybe might be worrisome if his chances for glasses weren't very high buuuut... pretty sure he'll be in glasses by the time he's eight. Andrew's eyes aren't too bad but mine?! Well, let's just say I nearly had a panic attack when we moved to Arkansas and the only thing I had to do in order to get my new license was take a quick vision test (with contacts in). I'm just a little bleary eyed, you know?

That probably wasn't the most awesome thing for a photographer to post online, so just ignore what I wrote at the end of that last paragraph. What I lack in the natural eye department I make up with special contacts and really thick glasses.

Anyway, my point is that my husband makes glasses look good. I always liked men who wore glasses in my dating years so, when Andrew took out his contacts and put on his glasses a few days into our relationship, I swooned pretty easy. I mean, a nerdy boy who liked to talk politics, stayed up all night studying (with me, of course), listened to all my favorite bands, wanted to make out all the time (sorry old roommates!), constantly drove me around on a blue scooter, grinned goofily whenever he saw me walk in a room, sent me funny texts during class, wore skinny jeans when no other men did, AND wore black, thick rimmed glasses?

My little art-inspired, word-lovin', history-obsessed heart and I didn't have a chance.