Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me and the Computer.

I have been on the computer for, like, seven hours straight.

Photo on 5-10-12 at 2.45 PM #6
Photo on 5-10-12 at 2.47 PM #3

But! The good news is that, even though two of those hours were blissfully spent breathing in my baby boy as he snuggled up to me watching cartoons and sing-a-longs and counting videos and animal videos on YouTube, I have accomplished a whole lot today and, well, the past few days, too. Here's some of that accomplishment:

Matt and Elizabeth's Wedding:

Matt and Elizabeth-20
Matt and Elizabeth-21
Matt and Elizabeth-31
Matt and Elizabeth-33

Jade's Senior Photos (she's my cousin!):


And I'm almost finished with Day One of a gorgeous two-day wedding from March:


Lightroom is my best friend, even when we're both grouchy.
That being said, don't be surprised if I drop off the face of the Internet for half this summer. I just want to go outside instead of sit in front of the computer, y'know?

P.S. Doesn't our new sister-in-law look like Taylor Swift?