Saturday, May 12, 2012

Me Today.


This is me today.

I've slept maybe ten hours the past three (four?) nights, didn't eat a single piece of food until 4:00 this afternoon, and really need to wash my family's dirty laundry and fold all the clean clothes, too. But! This is what I look like: tired eyes, awkward smile, basketball belly, and all. Things have been going so quickly lately and, even though cameras pointed towards me make me feel like a hot pink mermaid in the middle of a bunch of seaweed, I think that, in fifty years, I'll want to remember what I looked like (and what everything around me looked like!) when I was twenty-five, married for thirty five months, mama to one point five, overly tired, overly stressed, and really happy. And maybe more importantly (and cheesily), I want my kids (and grandkids!) to remember, too.

So! This is me today.